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dabble: you don't want to show off or brag, but you know your the sh*t when it comes to a certain topic.

Brush off the fact that your really good at something .

Minimum effort in being the man, naturally talented or cool.
Reporter; "How did you catch that 70 yard pass with 1 hand?!"
Me: "Well... I do dabble.."

"Hey man, I heard you got a 100 on that quantum psychics test without studying"
Me: "I dabble I dabble."

You never told me you were friends with Kendrick Lamar!
"I don't wanna brag, but I dabble..."
by V Man da Man February 27, 2014
to experiment, often sexually, with a member of the opposite sex
Mate, you dabble last night?
Negative, wasn't drunk enough.
by Dabblechampion September 05, 2010
to dabble; is to dip your toe into a specific subject. Not having much expierience whatsoever, but are not judged b/c you dabble..Dabble..Dabble.
Have you dabbled today?
-Well you know, I dabble.

Hey I heard about you and Avarie last night!?!?!?
-I dabbled.
by DGK* October 06, 2008
To experiment sexually with members of your own gender in order to learn a wealth of knowledge possessed by the other experienced person.
Tired of received no sexual gratification, Andy decided to dabble with homosexuality and soon realized he was hetrocurious.
by abcg March 09, 2005
Common term among tennis players. Used when a player hits a nice shot or just plays well. Also can be used just to describe the act of playing tennis.
"Yo Bro, you dabble?" "Bro, I dabble soo hard"
by The dabble king May 01, 2013
To engage in, more specifically "Dabble in the dark arts." This means you are involved in consumption of alchohol and/or smoking of marajuana and any other drug.
1. Hey man, this saturday want to dabble in the dark arts?

2. Does he dabble in the dark arts?

3. Now that your mom is home no more dabbling in the dark arts.
by noodles April 02, 2003
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