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Towson is a place where everyone has an opinion. Like anywhere else in the country, each group feels more entitled to the town than the others. The private school kids, the ones in plaids and pastels, they scoff at the punks. The punks in jeans that may or may not be skating will look down upon the rich snobs. Regardless, Towson is a place for both. Towson is a place where the private schoolers, the public schoolers, the preps, the punks, the goths, the jocks, the families, the college students...where everyone can feel like they own it. There are enough people like you in Towson to make you feel at home.

In Towson, you can tell your inside story to a total stranger (or say, post it on a website much like this), talk about your high school, your friends, or anything else in your life and expect people to understand you. You find yourself off at college talking about how Towson Commons is cool if you're in middle school (inside) or if you're under the influence (outside) when you realize no one else knows what you're talking about and they don't care either.

Lacrosse is much bigger in Towson than it is anywhere else. Look around. Count the LaxWorld, STX, or (insert high school) lacrosse stickers plastered to the back of SUVs, Volvos, and anything else that goes through the roundabout. Yes, there are other sports. Yes, they can field entire teams. No, they will not eclipse lacrosse in Towson.

Like it or not, Towson will remain the same, despite your best efforts. If you're a native, you'll understand. If you're not, hopefully you didn't grow up in a cave, so you'll understand, too. Towson is the best part of us and the worst, a piece of you that you can't get rid of. Towson is the reason you come back home and the reason you can't wait to leave.
Dude: Hey man, where did you get those obnoxious shorts?
Towsonite: Towson.

Chick: What was that game again? La-what?
Towsonite: Wow, you must really be stupid. Do you wanna see my room?
by TowsonDude1 May 11, 2005

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