when crossing the street without looking if a car is coming, at the last second you realise a car is coming straight for you and holting to a standstill to save your ass...

can also mean: WHOA! forward upper body motion without moving feet to give the impression you are pouncing forward
1. Robbie touted when he was approaching the bar realising he had no money...bugga

2. That big fella touted at me with his fist...

3. Did you tout? WHOA, damn touters
by Patrick A.K.A. Dingle June 20, 2006
slang from the occupied 6 counties of the north of ireland. a tout is a grass a stool pigeon, one who sells out their neighbours for 10 quid.justice for a tout is swift.
holy fuck liam how long did the tout last?
ach 10 minutes, sure it was easy once i stuck the plastic bag over his head and held him under the water.
by da origanal playa June 04, 2006
to have a puff of a marjuana ciggarette (also known as zoot or beatie)
yo bruvs i see u bunnin dat shit away , allow me a tout .

hi , i can see that u are smokin a 'zoot' , can i please have a puff)
by DAS November 23, 2003
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