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58 definitions by jules

Noun: Shoes that used to be an expression of individuality, but are now an overused fad.
Valley Girl: Oh my God! Like, where did you get your new converses? I have to get a pair!
by jules March 06, 2005
1. (russian) Yes
2. (slang) The
Are you a giraffe?
by Jules February 25, 2005
when the hand of god comes down from heaven to stop motherfuckin bullets
by jules October 12, 2003
A female who has had many partners. And develops loose labia as a result
Christ she has had so many men she has a fanny(english for vagina) like a horses collar
by jules August 07, 2003
A.K.A Ryan Dunn. A man in his late 20's willing to jump in vats of shit and or fish for the amusement of other. Is also willing to insert small toys into certain parts of his body for fun.
The Random Hero can also be likened to a garden gnome (albeit a cute one)
see jackass, jackass the movie, CKY, Viva la Bam or Haggard.
by jules January 03, 2005
1. Currency.
2. Synonym for words like "cool", "sweet", "banging", etc.
1. I don't have enough MONEY to purchase that diamond ring.
2. Girlfriend, that diamond ring your beau bought for you is so MONEY!
by Jules January 13, 2004
the act of spewing, cumming, ejaculating while still wearing underwear or pants

i saw a hot girl walk by and pulled a radford
by jules October 06, 2003