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the point at which your bowel movements are so strong that the turd has actually begun exiting the anus, therefor touching the cotton in your underwear
"lets hurry up and get to the bathroom, I've gotta shit so bad its touching cotton!"
by lauren April 25, 2004
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When you have a peanut headed eel swimming out of your skin cave & it is making you sport a chocolate chubby in the back of your underwear.
After 3 hours at the all you can eat buffet I was totally touching cotton.
by Doyle February 11, 2004
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When you have to have to take a dump really bad and it's already starting to come out. That's when you're "touching cotton".

Sometimes referred to as "crowning".
I've really gotta go, I'm "touching cotton".


I've gotta torque a moon fish bad, I'm "touching cotton".
by Mental Midget November 15, 2003
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You've committed a lumpy corn filled stanky loaf, and there is no turning back.

P.S.A.-If you are touching-cotton, don't sit down unless it's on the Dumper!!
"It felt like an SBD (silent but deadly) and now I'm touching cotton- Woe is me"
by Vramski Beats March 09, 2004
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