When a male ejaculates between the front gap of a womans front teeth; then procedes to slap her on the top of the head while screaming touchdown!!
The only reason I even dated her was because I got to score a touchdown!
by rlikjgfklsmvlkdsfjgolsdikfjgls January 24, 2009
a fat lazy redard that has downsyndrome and writes with there shit in the KFC washroom.
jahanna has touch downs and is a fat retarded
by crx October 27, 2003
it means when you get ready to have sexual relations with a woman or man
Are you ready for me to touchdown on that ass?
by Bridget February 03, 2005
The act of bumming or sampling something, usually food or drugs, from a friend or even a stranger.
Holy smokes, you guys got pizza? Let me touchdown on some of that.
by Hollywood Kid May 23, 2008
1.A derogatory term for some one with down syndrome
2.To insult someone by saying they have a touch of down syndrome

Guy1: Wow Josh is such a touch down!

Guy2: I know! So are Zack and Mark.
by Jizzy June 19, 2006
Often to used in MMORPG's when something new or something of value is discovered by the players.
"Hey Anth, I finally found those raptors!"
by Reark March 29, 2005
Somebody who has a shit and pukes up at the same time
HAHA!! Look at him! he just had a touchdown!
by revolution December 07, 2004

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