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A tortilla chip manufactured by Frito Lay. Comes in Bite Size, Crispy Rounds, Scoops, Restaurant Style, Hint of Lime, Santa Fe, and Gold.
Don't forget to pick up the tostitos for the superbowl.
by Naes February 14, 2005
a cool chip
that get's eaten
but is still mad cool!
oohh my god! i love hat tostitos!
by ToStiTo'sz November 16, 2007
A very functional way of scooping a baby out of a bowl.
JC: How do you get a baby into a bowl?
JC: You put it into a blender. How do you get it out?
by kenzie-nysssa06 February 22, 2009
When two of your friends team up to simultaneously flick you in the balls and ram a thumb up your ass. The ultimate fuck you.
Tres passed out on Nicks couch last night, so Nick and Rob gave him a tostito!
by Hustleburry February 14, 2009
A common phrase used when having intercourse with a shy person. Chip makes the term "penis" sound more appealing..especially hwe soemone is raping another and jsut responds "DONT YOU WANT SOME MOTEHRFUCKING CHIPS BITCH" and then proceeds to scream random colors...

Person 1: Want some tostitos?
Person 2: hell yes.

Person 3: I just want penis..
Person 2 and 1: you're lame.

'like, i was just expecting soem salsa and bean dip, but then i tasted it and aws like, "maybe this is really is sex. i felt so deflowered."
by adksfds November 09, 2006
Closeted homosexual.
The guy's clearly a Tostito, if you know what I mean...
by Hail_Catapault August 08, 2003
When girl gives you a blowjob and folds her tongue so all the sperm is at the end
dud this chick gave me a blowjob last night after i took pictures of her doing the tostito
by fuckdoll February 04, 2009
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