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Short-type/Slang for Xbox Live
"dude, meet me on XBL.
by Naes February 14, 2005
A tortilla chip manufactured by Frito Lay. Comes in Bite Size, Crispy Rounds, Scoops, Restaurant Style, Hint of Lime, Santa Fe, and Gold.
Don't forget to pick up the tostitos for the superbowl.
by Naes February 14, 2005
refers to Tawnee Stone, a well known girl from LightSpeed Sorority.
Dude, that Tawnee is such a tease.
by Naes December 14, 2004
Acronym. Her Royal Highness Queen Majesty. Title of the Drag Queen Diva.
I spent all weekend with Her Royale Highness Queen Majesty. Hrhqm.
by naes July 07, 2014
A subgenre of Heavy Metal, mostly underground (I've never heard any on the radio), heavy medievel themes. Things such as Kights Templar, swrods, the Crusades, and war. That sort of stuff. Very fast. Much like death and heavy metal.
There ar many great underground power metal bands, such as Holy Dragons and BattleRoar.
by Naes June 01, 2003
Spirit, life force. Currently a commodity; can sell to Satan for power or wealth. As of today, very few adults have one, and many adolescents have lost it as well.
I'm going to sell my soul for my own personal harem!
by Naes April 02, 2003
idiot, moron, fool, dumbass, any word like these will fit.
You baka! You crashed my comp!
by Naes April 16, 2003

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