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The end result of sexual acts between two individuals
Yo, you see that Aftermath son? That shit was tore up from the floor up!
by Hustleburry February 14, 2009
Time of the night when you in the club and you tryin to hustle to get some Burry before it closes
Yo, what time is it? Its time to get your Hustleburry on the clubs about to close!
by Hustleburry February 14, 2009
Something you call someone after they do something "1st floor", which refers to something that a person would do that lives on the first floor because they are retarted.
Tres- Did you see how Mr. Information threw her bowling ball?

Chris- Alex throws the ball the same way

Dustin- 1st Floors!!!!
by hustleburry February 07, 2010
When two of your friends team up to simultaneously flick you in the balls and ram a thumb up your ass. The ultimate fuck you.
Tres passed out on Nicks couch last night, so Nick and Rob gave him a tostito!
by Hustleburry February 14, 2009

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