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see wank or hun
by Bobby October 13, 2003
wen, usualy a male, masturbates
"o yeh babe, i'm, having a toss over u!"
by sxc_cock_teaser July 30, 2003
"toss wallet"
by noixz January 15, 2009
A toss is someone who has a presentable face that can be seen in public without humiliation
Damn! Gurl look at that toss over there!Aint he fine?
by Undisclosed! March 11, 2007
To ridicule or mock a person, to make a fool of him or her.
Dude, I tossed you like a Caesar salad!
by styopa July 11, 2005
the joyful pleasure of rubbing the penis up and down in a fast motion to create lots of pleasure leading to the discharge of a leaky substance
" Rusell had a good old toss over his bro last nite"

" wots dat white shit on your shirt jonalady is it wen u had a good toss l;ast night over sian"
by reggin cadcol February 25, 2006
powder or crystals from the bottom of a container of pot.
when you're finished that bowl, we still have all the toss left man.
by matt June 06, 2005