Outlines of letters.
and/or Letters that are filled in with the same outline color from the same can. simple, simple, simple.
Tosses are crappy,,, but if you got the skill, than it can burn....

Tosses don't mean shit over Throwies, bombs or pieces.
by DigDug March 08, 2004
A collective noun for a group of emo's. Just like there is a herd of sheep, school of fish or a mob of kangaroos, there is a toss of emos.
Check out the toss over there in their skinny jeans.
by boofa May 04, 2007
To vomit, abreviation of "toss cookies"
"I was talking to to this hot chick but I tosed,, now she ignores me."
by ChristopherM May 30, 2005
Turn On Safe Search. A warning givien to someone after telling them to Google It, lest they be subject to horrible images.
Person 1: What's a hemorrhoid?
Person 2: Uhhh... Google it, but make sure you TOSS first.
by soulchildremix September 15, 2010
To search, generally quickly and roughly.
Man, the popo just came by and tossed my place.
by R Dogg January 18, 2004
wen, usualy a male, masturbates
"o yeh babe, i'm, having a toss over u!"
by sxc_cock_teaser July 30, 2003
To throw poop off of the garage of a mall or parking garage.
Gabe: Yo Ben wanna go toss off G7?

Ben: Ya dude i have to poop so bad.
by wakaflockaflame989898 January 28, 2012
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