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Caribbean slang for "Babe". It applies in almost all the same categories, and can be nullified by the word "Ugly"
Example: "THat's an ugly toss" as compared to the word "That's an ugly babe" Cuz Babes aren't ugly, and neither are "toss" Toss therefore should be applied to good looking women and not women ugly ones
Guy1: Jeez betty is a toss jack
guy2: Yeah man i need some of tha
Guy3:Betty! Tell Your Bro i call!
by Elber November 30, 2003
Its not pronounced 'tuh - ah - es' you dingbat!
Toh - ss
by Me May 10, 2003
Licking of the asshole.
"Russell loves to toss women."
by Dijonne September 22, 2004
That guy on #pacult that rocks socks.
Sup Toss
by joe December 19, 2003