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the act of giving a rimjob while watching tosh.0
During tosh.0, Sharon began toshing her boyfriend
by Cupcake Sally March 23, 2010
The act of filming a dirty sexual act with the sole intention of messing up and trying to get the video on TOSH.0 television show on Comedy Central.
My girlfriend and I spent all night toshing.
by SaintleoGrad June 09, 2010
The act of behaving heterosexual one day, then homosexual the next, with the intent of confusing people about your sexuality.
Is Joe straight or gay? He was acting pretty straight yesterday but today he's acting like a total flamer!

Yeah Joe loves toshing. He thinks it's really funny.
by Papa Jobu November 01, 2013
the act of watching a funny douche bag,comment on internet video clips
bob was toshing "Tosh.O"
by kingoftrim November 08, 2009

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