Daniel Tosh is the host of this show in which he plays/watches some popular viral videos and makes comments or jokes about them.

He invites the star of a certain video whom failed to do what they wanted to do originally in his "web redemption" segment. Daniel tosh makes either racist, sexist, dirty jokes. He has a somewhat "in your face" and "dirty" sense of humor.

Daniel tosh ACTS GAY for laughs throughout the show. Whether the show is good or not, depends on what you think.
Bob: Have you seen Tosh.o?

Steve: Tosh.o? Pretty good show!

Jeff: That fag? Whats wrong with you?? He's such a fag!

Steve:...Yeah, come back when you have a logical argument for WHY you dont like him Jeff.
by grrrflagahaggen...99 February 05, 2011
(pronounced smegma) Is a Comedy Central show featuring Daniel Tosh as the host, who uses videos from the internet, and homemade videos from people who post them onto his blog, makes jokes, and makes fun of them for a living.
I'm going to watch Tosh.o. He makes fun of videos!
by x3Hartts September 05, 2011
(adv.) to sho is the more modern way of saying "fo sho" meaning for sure. It is a combination of for sure and totally.
Brenton is to sho looking sexy today.
by Elaiine<3 March 14, 2011
An almost gay, drug addict, mostly nude guy named Daniel Tosh, has this show, where he makes fun of other peoples videos. I'm pretty sure he likes it from the rear, he should really figure out, "what what is in his butt."
I love Tosh.o!
by hottubtimemachine January 26, 2011
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