Polluted, overpopulated, crime ridden, disgusting excuse of a city. If you enjoy stress, sky high rent, mean ugly people, big women, getting shot at while shopping, breathing problems, allergies and shortening your life significantly then feel free to move to this shithole.
I went to Toronto, i love Alberta even more now.
by John555 May 24, 2006
How the hell does some guy get off defending our city by comparing it to Detroit??? And no, our subways are not clean, they look like crappy versions of the ones in NYC, but filled with angry persian women and brown kids trying to act black. I see people everywhere pretending to be sophisticated like them New Yorkers, which may be tolerable if they didn't look so constipated and uptight. The government here is just as unoriginal.. while Portland and San Fran are already densifying their metros like Vancouver, the arrogant gas-bags in city council are busy building a big ugly sprawl the size of New York with less than 1/4 of the population. Such backwards mindset over here; I'd move to Vancouver in an instant if a house there didn't cost $750,000.
We need some original people here to help Toronto out.
by Marissa L December 01, 2006
The most multi-cultural city in the world. It has the dubious honor of being the one place everyone in Canada loves to fling mud at - BUT that would be because it doesn't rain 3/4 of the year and it's not tiny and freezing cold, nor does it need to boast a mall to make it a landmark, it's not on the prairies in the middle of nowhere, and it doesn't want desperately to get out of Canada, and most of all because the average Torontonian just could never out-drink an east coaster! Toronto, Canada's economic centre, pulse of the nation - the rock, the anchor, the pillar that Canadians can't help but love AND yet love to hate. Let's face it - the mud might fling, but it just can't stick!

Just think of it like that guy in school that got all the best grades AND got the girls AND the job AND the hot car AND the nice house. And yet - he's just the best guy! Only he's completely misunderstood. Welcome to Toronto.
by Mr. CanoeHead October 23, 2005
After reading all the definitions for Toronto, I come to the conclusion that people from Toronto need to be told that they rock... I guess that when you live in a large city that has less clubs (less beautiful girls, less action, less everything) then a medium city (like MONTREAL), all you have to do is write down ridiculous definitions about how great your own city is.
By the way: Last Stanley Cup was in 1967, I wouldn't call that The greatest hockey franchise in the world losers... You can always come to Montreal and look at what a real hockey Dynasty looks like.
Loser A: Hey friends, it's saturday night and our safe city is sound asleep (as usual) let's go write definitions about our great city and how great it is here.
Loser B: Oh Great idea! Also, we should tell everyone about the great nightlife here because we can't compare it to nowhere else cuz we think the world revolves around us.
Loser C: It's not really our fault, we got so caught up trying to act like New York City that we forgot the girls and the fun in Vancouver and Montreal..
by P-Y February 07, 2005
N. The largest city in Canada located on Lake Ontario with a population of 4 million in the greater area
1.Very clean & efficient subway and transit comission
2.Very Safe for a North American City of its size
3.Strong civic Economy
4.Home to Major league baseball, basketball and hockey
5.Very Nice summers
6.World Class train station
1.There are a lot of immigrants including but not limited to Jamacans who try to emulate New York City culture and believe they live repressed post slave lives of African Amercans even though they live in the world's most accepting country and they are probably on welfare.
2. Downtown has the most lousy architecture in the West
3.There are lots of limpwrists, metrosexuals and sex maniacs
4. There is an attitude that Toronto is superior to the rest of Canada even though cities like Montreal and Vancouver deliver where Toronto falls short.
5. They try too hard to be like an American city while hating the USA at the same time
6. Gangster wanna bees think calling it T.dot is hardcore. They think they are tough until they go to L.A., Miami, Detroit or D.C. and get torn to shit because they're all boys in a mans world.

Toronto has a lot to offer but it is not as world class as it thinks it is and it is a poser city.
* Yo mon look at me fool I ride the Finch ave 36 D bus in tha T.dot because I'm on welfare and I hate White Boys even though they let me immigrate to this land so I can smoke ganja and wear mecca.

* The 1992/93 Toronto blue jays were a damn good club
by Curt Miller April 11, 2006
Toronto is the largest city in Canada and for many decades now has been the nation's economic and cultural capital. Since the population of Canada outside of Southern Ontario, Greater Montreal and British Columbia's Lower Mainland is made up of far-away pockets of isolated people who only leave the clammy warmth of their squalid kitchens for four months out of the year (June to September), most forest-dwelling, coal-mining, hayseed Canadians harbour a profound and innate hatred for Toronto because:

a) if you were so inclined, you could dine on a different ethnic cuisine every day for a year, prepared by people who know what they're doing;
b) lots of cool and smart gay people live there;
c) the city is unabashedly liberal-minded and hates hypocritical bigots;
d) new and innovative cultural experiences are created every day by a thriving arts scene in the city's beautiful and unique neighbourhoods;
e) Toronto has for a very long time funded all the welfare bums and 'seasonal workers' who live in most of the rest of the country; these ingrates have always been jealous and resentful of the hand that feeds them;
f) after being supported by Toronto for decades, Alberta suddenly has lots of oil money, and we all know how the garish nouveau-riche like to treat their cultural superiors - with snide contempt and petty insults; Albertans are the only people on earth who worship Idaho as their ideal model society, and the only people outside of Texas who think George Bush is Jesus's emissary on earth;
g) Montreal has been economically and culturally stagnant since the 70's and the city has watched all its jobs, artists and companies relocate to Toronto; even Celine Dion started putting out English-language albums and then left them for Vegas; at least Montreal still has poutine prepared hundreds of different ways and chain-smoking separatists who dream of their gun-toting terrorist heydays in the seventies;
h) Vancouverites think the sun shines out of their asses, which is a good thing because it certainly doesn't shine over their city; most cities have a 'wrong side of the tracks', but in Vancouver you'll see track marks up the arms of half its citizens; yay, disease-infested crackwhores for all!
i) Toronto is one of the most enjoyable, relaxed and livable cities on earth, and the people are friendly, open-minded, beautiful and a lot of fucking fun.

Alas, for these reasons and more it isn't a surprise to anyone from Toronto when they see idiots from the rest of Canada slag their city to anyone who is either dumb or confused enough to give them the time of day.
Canadian fuckfaces who love to sit around and slag Toronto all day can get off their fat welfare asses and kiss my royal hemorrhoids.
by loveboat March 22, 2007
Since Vancouver has filled the "Best place in the universe" category, residents of this mediocre sprawling mess have only the size of "T dot" to fall back on, thus hailing it the centre of the universe, or of Canada at least, (since mid-size US cities like even Detroit are larger than Toronto). In a highschool, Toronto would be the fat ugly chick with inferiority complex and a rich daddy.
Torontonian: Yeah, TDot's the best man! Downtown Canada! What does your little town have to offer, huH??"

(Gets owned by someone from any Canadian city)

"Yeah, well...my city is bigger than yours!!!"
by Rennie_ September 05, 2006

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