Massive and poorly planned sprawl somewhere on the shores of lake Ontario. Dunno which dimwit decided to start a settlement in that flat wasteland (at least Calgary and Edmonton have their money-making oil fields).

Otherwise a pretty clean city, streets are well kept, freeway and transit system are efficient. Got some nice neat-looking suburbs, but if you're from someplace awesome like Vancouver, you'd think it's a dump cuz it's all brick...then again what other material will protect you from "freezing flesh" warnings common throughout half the year. Oh, every single house looks exactly the same; there's only one style throughout the entire metropolitan region. Entire golden horseshoe area is developed with highrises randomly popping up here and there; can never tell when you're leaving one city and entering the next.

Locals like to dress up fancy and act sophisticated, to remind themselves that they're the centre of the universe. Maybe it's the bad climate, or they just don't get out much, but compared to Vancouverites or Montrealers, Torontonians are an unattractive people, like that brown hairy female news anchor on CityTV they threw in just to prove how multicultural they are. City itself tries to imitate New York, and fails miserably.

Don't get me started on's embarrassing; downtown is built in the 60's so not their fault there...but in the suburbs like Scarborough and Mississauga, they have gay pointy Chryler Buildingesque spires on their residential towers, just to make it look architectural. Pathetic...nothing's original.

But if you just want to work and make some money for now and then move to Vancouver when you're rich, Toronto's the place to go. Housing is cheaper than Vancouver by a lot, and so is everything else. Essentially it's a nice city that provides you with everything you need, although not necessarily what you want.

Just don't forget your snowboots, gloves, shovels, matches and signal flares when you go out.
"Half my friends left Toronto and moved to Vancouver"
by bill_y September 03, 2006
After reading all the definitions for Toronto, I come to the conclusion that people from Toronto need to be told that they rock... I guess that when you live in a large city that has less clubs (less beautiful girls, less action, less everything) then a medium city (like MONTREAL), all you have to do is write down ridiculous definitions about how great your own city is.
By the way: Last Stanley Cup was in 1967, I wouldn't call that The greatest hockey franchise in the world losers... You can always come to Montreal and look at what a real hockey Dynasty looks like.
Loser A: Hey friends, it's saturday night and our safe city is sound asleep (as usual) let's go write definitions about our great city and how great it is here.
Loser B: Oh Great idea! Also, we should tell everyone about the great nightlife here because we can't compare it to nowhere else cuz we think the world revolves around us.
Loser C: It's not really our fault, we got so caught up trying to act like New York City that we forgot the girls and the fun in Vancouver and Montreal..
by P-Y February 07, 2005
The biggest and the most well - known city in Canada.
There is nothing clean about this city. People from Toronto say that there is a nice clean subway. Please tell me what is clean about our subway i am a bit confused. I live in Toronto and have wondered for years what has happened to this city. I also don't understand why people are constantly acting "ganster" in this city if you really want to be a better city then all the others in Canada try acting normal. They pretend like they are the best when really they are the scum of Ontario.
by ausmriicthteelrlseh October 26, 2006
Since Vancouver has filled the "Best place in the universe" category, residents of this mediocre sprawling mess have only the size of "T dot" to fall back on, thus hailing it the centre of the universe, or of Canada at least, (since mid-size US cities like even Detroit are larger than Toronto). In a highschool, Toronto would be the fat ugly chick with inferiority complex and a rich daddy.
Torontonian: Yeah, TDot's the best man! Downtown Canada! What does your little town have to offer, huH??"

(Gets owned by someone from any Canadian city)

"Yeah, city is bigger than yours!!!"
by Rennie_ September 05, 2006
Toronto, Ontario is the largest city in Canada.
The air quality is by far the worst in the country, and is nearly unbreatheable at times. The city of toronto has the unmistakable odour of garbage and disel fumes. The streets are dirty. Drivers are rude and obnoxious. Rush hour lasts 20 hours a day. Torontonians are entirely self-absorbed, and often times completely ignorant about the rest of their country. Most Torontonians are unaware of anything that occurs beyond London, Ontario. If you stand on the left side of an escalator, expect to be screamed at by escalator nazis. Everyone is always in a big hurry to be somewhere, or rather, somewhere else. Anywhere else. Presumably this is because no matter where you are in Toronto, you wish you were somewhere else. You must maintain a walking speed of 20 km/h on sidewalks to keep from being trampled. There are about 1000 homeless people on every block. Shootings are common. American flags adorn nearly every building downtown. Expect to pay extremely high rent to live in a slum. The people are pretentious, arrogant, and concerned only with money.
Toronto really sucks ass.
by Joey Jojo Sr. September 06, 2005
Kay, anyone that's complaining about the high crime rate?
Google "toronto crime rate"
As Mark Pugash (a police spokesperson) puts it, "Toronto is a safe city. It is one of the safest cities in North America and we need to keep that in mind,"
Toronto's a great city, okay?
Quit dissing it!
Toronto is one of the best cities ever.
by Theefrond January 31, 2008
1 A city in Southern Ontario that's plauged with horribly cold winters and horribly hot muggy summers.
2 A polluted urban wasteland shrouded in smog most of the year.
3 The most American Canadian city other than Calgary.
4 A city who's claim to fame is...umm...hmmmm...oh yeah,the CNtower.
5 A city surrounded by beautiful majestic mountains,has tonnes of recreational activities(fishing,hiking,snowboarding ect)and a city with the most temperate climate in North America.Oh wait,that's Vancouver.
Hey man, how was big bad Toronto?
It sucked man,it was soooo hot and most of the time I thought I was in Cleavland.
Shitty,at least you can take a dip in the lake.
I couldn't,beach was closed and it smelled like urine.
Bummer,did you go up the CNtower?I here you can see Niagra Fallsfrom the observation deck.
Yeah,but it cost me 80bucks to go up,10 bucks for a hotdog and it was so smoggy that I couldn't even see the lake.On top of that,the city was hit with a brown out so I had to walk down the stairs, getting mugged by a ten year old on the way.
by Buddy Love May 23, 2006
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