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a synonym for drunk
Larry: "That's my fourth Slalom Lager tonight. I'm getting pretty Hemingway here.“
Steve: "Hemingway enough to get with that Tri Delt over there?"
Larry: "Hell no man!"
Steve: "Well how about that horse standing next to the Tri Delt?"
Larry: "Yeah, I'll do that. I'm pretty Hemingway."
by Nicholas D November 11, 2003
Verb. Writing a paper under the influence of alcohol, like noted author, Ernest Hemingway.
It's due tomorrow. I totally have to hemingway that term paper tonight.
by tilalilalililil February 25, 2011
The act of writing, particularly a lengthy blog, article or essay, while consuming moderate to large quantities of alcohol during the process. Can be done to help stimulate creativity but most of the time the person is just a borderline alchoholic.
Term can also be interchanged with other popular writers with an affinity for booze. i.e.; to "Capote", to "Faulkner", to "Kerouack", to "Fitzgerald"
Student A: "Don't you still have to finish that paper for class tomorrow?"
Student B: "Yeah, dude. But I got a six-pack of beer and I'm going to Hemingway that shit later tonight."
by KurohataTheDefiant March 30, 2014
Located on the University of Pittsburgh campus, Hemingway's is by far the best bar in the Pittsburgh area. Features include kick ass bartender Lynn and half priced food 9-11.
We got out of class at 3:00, so we thought of no better way to enjoy the evening than by heading across the street to Hemingway's.
by AIPSG July 24, 2008
A traditional doggy-style position in which the man places a laptop on the woman's back to enable him to work on his novel while fucking.
I wasn't finished editing the chapter yet, so Zelda let me screw her Heming-Way. Very productive use of time.
by holdencoleman August 02, 2016
When one is jacking off and hits himself in the head with his own load. Term so coined because Hemingway also shot himself in the head with his own beloved rifle.
I was rubbing one out and I totally pulled a Hemingway right in my eye.
by ErnieH December 16, 2008
Verb, to blow one's brains out with a shotgun. Usually used in reference to suicide, but can be used to denote homicide as well. Named after American author Ernest Hemingway who died by hemingway.
John: Did you hear? Kurt Cobain died!!
Jane: Yeah, I heard he hemingwayed himself!

John: I hate this office job! I might have to hemingway everybody in here!
by Kraft_d May 18, 2010
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