A very multicultural and SAFE city, suprise suprise. Saskatoon and Regina have been at the top from Crime Canada from recent years. Ontario as a whole has one of the lowest and so does Toronto.
"Oh those bloody Torontonians in the East, with their high crime rate"

*someone behind the man in Saskatoon gets shot.
by TorontoChick July 22, 2008
i am sick of all the back and forth about toronto. people saying its th greatest place ever, and others saying its a crime ridden shithole. I live in toronto and its not a bad place to live. the streets are relitively safe, and there there is a very diverse group of locations. saying that, no city, including toronto is perfect. of course there is drugs, violence, crime and polution, but really what city dosent have all that. and the subways are not that clean but where the fuck are they!im serious name one clean subway thats not in fucking narnia.
my biggest problem is the people. the city is filled with rude immigrants on welfare, violent jamacians, dirty fucking brown packies who try to act like niggas, but than go home to their home in the subburbs, and not to mention the 10billion fucking asians (but vancouver is still worse in that respect). stop talking so much shit about toronto, espically if u have never been here. this applies espically to the uneducated americans who believe anything outside "shithole alabama" is full of terriorists. and any city that dosent have a drug and crime problem is probably some shit suburb like Stratford ontario which cursed us with justin bieber (fuck you stratford). so stop talking shit and try improving your own city instead of dissing mine
toronto isnt perfect, but where the fuck is
by BlackT.dot April 28, 2011
The place where relationships go to die
My girlfriend moved to Toronto. And than we broke up
by Tom Snooze January 18, 2011
An underwhelming shitbag of a city in North America's Mid West. Toronto, not unlike its Mid Western neighbours, is plagued by terrible weather, even worse architecture, and ugly freeways crisscrossing its downtown core. It is a city full of future Vancouverites and Calgarians and those not intelligent enough to leave.
A Westerner to another Westerner: Why can't you get a good blowjob in Toronto?

Westerner responding: Because all those cocksuckers are out here!
by VancouverUbberAlles May 10, 2005
Canada's largest city and Ontario's provincial capital, located right on Lake Ontario. Judging by the other definitions, there are very divided opinions about it. As someone who has lived here all their life, I can honestly say that, while it certainly has its bad points, it has its good points as well.

Bad points: - Often dirty and polluted

- Hot, smoggy Summers and sometimes snowless Winters

- A pretty mediocre subway system

- Some very ugly architecture

- Has an idiot for a mayor (see Rob Ford)

- Parts of the lakefront are gross and smelly

Good points: - Multicultural

- A pretty good art, theatre and film scene

- Some very nice Victorian-style architecture downtown

- Several great restaurants and stores

- Many parks and gardens

- Parts of the lakefront are beautiful and pristine (eg. Scarborough Bluffs)

- Some very nice nature walks, hikes and canoeing in and around the city
Love it or hate it, Toronto has its pros and cons.
by KittenFace January 13, 2013
The most polluted city in Canada with the shittiest weed in Canada.
Speaker 1: Want to smoke a joint.
Speaker 2: Pffft, were in Toronto man, maybe if were in Vancouver. Haha.
by Bugeaud October 12, 2011
The largest city in Canada, and the capital of Ontario province. Although not the national capital, it is the focus of Canada's finance, fashion and transport industries. Located by Lake Ontario, immediately east of the huge suburb of Missisauga. It is home to one of the world's most respected universities (UofT), Canada's largest airport (YYZ) and has one of the world's most iconic gay communities.

Toronto is incredibly diverse, with half the population being born outside Canada. This prompted the development of many ethnic neighborhoods such as Little Italy, Greektown-Danforth, Koreatown, Ronacesvalles-Little Warsaw, the Portugese village and Little India. Toronto also has the affluent areas of Yorkville/Rosedale, the historic Cabbagetown and Distillery districts, the youthful Beaches, Kensington & Annex areas, as well as 4 Chinatowns.

The city has short, intensely hot summers and long, harsh winters, although they are well adapted to this, and life functions normally all year. Home to many parks, as well as the green and tranquil Toronto Islands, 10 minutes from Downtown. Over the next 10 years, the Waterfront/Don Lands area will undergo dramatic revitalization, including replacing the derelict port with a naturalized park at the mouth of the Don river.
Toronto will host the 2015 Pan-American games, and is planning to bid for the 2020 Olympic games.
by amourauxarmes March 26, 2011

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