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Since Vancouver has filled the "Best place in the universe" category, residents of this mediocre sprawling mess have only the size of "T dot" to fall back on, thus hailing it the centre of the universe, or of Canada at least, (since mid-size US cities like even Detroit are larger than Toronto). In a highschool, Toronto would be the fat ugly chick with inferiority complex and a rich daddy.
Torontonian: Yeah, TDot's the best man! Downtown Canada! What does your little town have to offer, huH??"

(Gets owned by someone from any Canadian city)

"Yeah, well...my city is bigger than yours!!!"
by Rennie_ September 05, 2006
1 A city in Southern Ontario that's plauged with horribly cold winters and horribly hot muggy summers.
2 A polluted urban wasteland shrouded in smog most of the year.
3 The most American Canadian city other than Calgary.
4 A city who's claim to fame is...umm...hmmmm...oh yeah,the CNtower.
5 A city surrounded by beautiful majestic mountains,has tonnes of recreational activities(fishing,hiking,snowboarding ect)and a city with the most temperate climate in North America.Oh wait,that's Vancouver.
Hey man, how was big bad Toronto?
It sucked man,it was soooo hot and most of the time I thought I was in Cleavland.
Shitty,at least you can take a dip in the lake.
I couldn't,beach was closed and it smelled like urine.
Bummer,did you go up the CNtower?I here you can see Niagra Fallsfrom the observation deck.
Yeah,but it cost me 80bucks to go up,10 bucks for a hotdog and it was so smoggy that I couldn't even see the lake.On top of that,the city was hit with a brown out so I had to walk down the stairs, getting mugged by a ten year old on the way.
by Buddy Love May 23, 2006
One of the worst big cities in the world. The people of toronto absolutely suck ass and the night life is pure shit.

- The last call for alcohol is at 2 am.
- You can't buy liquor or beer anywhere but at a government owned establishment (which most of them close at 9 pm: LCBO).
- The weed is the worst in the world.
- The clubs are pack with dudes, with a ratio of like 9 dudes per chick in clubs.
- The city reeks.
- The majority of people dress like absolute crap and have no fashion sense whatsoever.
- For some reason, most Toronto chicks don't like to hang out with girls or don't have too many chick friends because they all stab each other in the back (haha).
- The toronto Maple Leafs absolutely suck ass (good reflection of the city overall).
- The strip clubs are the worst. The lap dances are 20$ and you're not supposed to touch (of course I do anyway and the chicks like it).
- They have the worst drivers in the world.
- It's filled with fucking annoying faggot douchebags.
- There's really nothing to see there. It's an absolutely shitty version of New York.
- Cost of living is high for such a boring city.
- You go downtown after 9 PM and it's completely DEAD! (except for the shitty "entertainment" disctrict which is filled with dudes laced clubs.)
- People from Toronto hate the city, so need I say more?

In a nutshell, Toronto is New York's retarded half brother.

- There are some pretty hot chicks (from all sorts of diverse ethnic backgrounds).
- The chicks are dumb as hell.
- The chicks are pretty easy to get in bed (especially if you speak 4 languages fluently and happen to be a good looking 6'2 and lean 205 lbs guy like me.)
Dude #1: hey let's go to Toronto Canada to bang plenty of fucking chicks.

Dude #2: No fucking way bro! I'd rather hang myself than go to fucking Toronto.

Dude #1: You know what? fuck it, lets go to Montreal instead.

Dude #2: Yeahhhh, now you're talking!
by BadassDude May 27, 2009
One hell of a city, and I mean that in a good way. It's often pronounced with a silent 't', making it sound like "Toronno", and the weather's only "terrible" if you're a pansy and can't handle it (the weather's not even bad at all, anyways). Many individuals state that Toronto is "smoggy and dirty", but this assumption is only correct if one is referring to 'downtown Toronto'. Many other areas of Toronto are perfectly clean, and downtown Toronto is not always smoggy (it has its smoggy and non-smoggy days just like any other large city would).
Most immigrants who come to Canada choose to settle in Toronto, and from experience it is the sad truth that a lot of ethnic groups call white people racist, even when it's them who are actually the racists.
Toronto is also home to the CN Tower, that giant skyscraper that Godzilla would most likely use as a toothpick if he ever came to Toronto or existed in the first place.
Person 1: I like Toronto, it's a nice Canadian city.
Person 2: omfg dude, Toronto sucks ass, u need 2 move to Vancouver its so much better!!11
Person 1: What are you, a four-year-old?
Person 2: NO IM NOT
Person 1: Then stop acting like one and keep your goddamn "Toronto bashing" to yourself.
by 5ordan April 20, 2007
The #1 city people love to hate on, because they wish they lived there.
Traveller 1:"Where are you from?"
Traveller 2:"Toronto"
Traveller 1:"Wherabouts in Toronto"
Traveller 2:"Oakville/Brampton/Ottawa"
Traveller 1:"Dude, that's not Toronto"
Traveller 2:"Yeah I know....but it's close"
Traveller 1:"No not really...sorry"
by GreenRoom February 07, 2010
Toronto is the largest city in Canada. It is the most diverse, friendly and accepting aswell.

Toronto is NOT filled with homophobics,racists,or ugly people. The people are friendly. Granted there are a few of those previously mentioned but overall the city is not in fact over run with "hairy brown women". Even if it was it's not those women's fault they were born hairy. And having brown, asian, black, and white people is not a con.

Toronto is my beloved home. It is said to have two seasons; winter and construction. This is in part true but once these construction projects are done, the city looks quiet lovely. In spring, the city is green and lofty tree lined streets and budding flowers are an abundance.

It may not be perfect but crime rates are low, I'm not afraid I will be attacked by a crazy druggie or hacked to death by an insane pig farmer *cough* vancouver *cough*.
I'm also not afraid to be me. I can be gay, ethnic, brainy and artsy and be accepted. Unlike Alberta...where i would be shot for thinking liberal...

Guess what racists? Toronto is great. I have travelled. I have been to every province and territory in Canada. I've been to London, Paris, New York, Belgium, and Holland. I have seen parts of the world and I like Toronto. I like my city in which stars sit and wonder under the very same skyline. I like the rush, the jazz, the little haven. I like Calgary and Edmonton and St.Johns too. I can like other cities.It's not heaven. But its home.
clearly toronto
by greenworks May 09, 2009
i am sick of all the back and forth about toronto. people saying its th greatest place ever, and others saying its a crime ridden shithole. I live in toronto and its not a bad place to live. the streets are relitively safe, and there there is a very diverse group of locations. saying that, no city, including toronto is perfect. of course there is drugs, violence, crime and polution, but really what city dosent have all that. and the subways are not that clean but where the fuck are they!im serious name one clean subway thats not in fucking narnia.
my biggest problem is the people. the city is filled with rude immigrants on welfare, violent jamacians, dirty fucking brown packies who try to act like niggas, but than go home to their home in the subburbs, and not to mention the 10billion fucking asians (but vancouver is still worse in that respect). stop talking so much shit about toronto, espically if u have never been here. this applies espically to the uneducated americans who believe anything outside "shithole alabama" is full of terriorists. and any city that dosent have a drug and crime problem is probably some shit suburb like Stratford ontario which cursed us with justin bieber (fuck you stratford). so stop talking shit and try improving your own city instead of dissing mine
toronto isnt perfect, but where the fuck is
by BlackT.dot April 28, 2011