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When a man wakes up with morning wood that is so solid that he needs to push down on his penis so hard that he rises onto his toes to pee.
Bob woke up to hear the birds singing and he smiled and stretched and went to the little boys room to deal with his tork.
by ~ryguy~ June 02, 2005
From the foreign for "talk". Foreign meaning typed english in a generic "foreign" accent.
"wod u tork, ithid?" >> "What you talk, idiot?" >>> "Hi, how are you/what's up, idiot?"
by spaceship June 05, 2006
To leave qiuckly; to go
Shit, the cops are coming.. we gotta tork!
K, let's tork.
I'm gunna tork to the store.
by Jenn November 24, 2004
awesome but bad at the same time
damn that car explosion was tork
by ALEX August 25, 2003
it means to go and if u r me and or alysa everthing..a insult most of the time
ur such a tork
thats tork
by Sarah the great December 14, 2004
to gain more powar from your car.
plugs an leedz often give this.
"hi, im looking for some basic tuning ideas"

"u shud get sum plugs an leedz,dey giv u maybe 20hpbs and even mayb 56flbst tork"
by whatalad February 15, 2005
Immature troll on an online game with an open group chat feature. Typically asks for high-level assistance, or to be granted extra status or permission without first earning it or establishing credibility or rapport with the community.
Uh oh, the new guy just asked for lvl 5 dragons - tork alert!
Put on your tork-proof pants everyone, I'm opening membership...
Will somebody please kick this tork?
by Wonko Z Sane June 01, 2013
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