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Created by a Northern Virginian in the late 1970s by combining tired and horked to create a word that means exasperated, exhausted, frustrated, and annoyed. Word was created as part of a class project to create new or combination words in the same manner as those found in the Jabberwocky poem.

The phrase caught on and spread throughout several Northern VA schools in the late 70s and early 80s. Frequent relocation of people to and from the area is the probable cause of the continued spread of the phrase. The phrase, by the early 80s, had evolved to generally mean mad or angry - not necessarily exasperated and tired. Popular variation in the 80s was "totally torked".

Possible variation or parallel development is "I am torqued" which is based upon "torqued" which means something that that is twisted, possibly to the point of being under stress though over tightening.
"I'm totally torked. I had to listen to him drone on for over 10 minutes about something totally irrelevant."
by Amy Gish May 26, 2006
to be angry with something.
originally from a Minnesotian girl who lives in Rhode Island now. She started using the term, and it's caught on in Rhode Island due to its foreign nature.
L: "we're both pretty mellow- we'd just have to be totally torked off."
by steve carroll January 25, 2005
when used in this sense, "torked" indicates anger and/or frustration with the situation.
Man, the hail from that storm really torked the roof of my car.

He got his face torked-up during that fist fight last night!
by July 05, 2009
or mentally challenged
Matt is torked, therefore, he requires specila care.
by St. Dumbfuck May 27, 2007

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