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A term for a person who is constantly saying annoying comments and doing lame things. A tool is often disliked by a group but seems to not realize it. Members of a group often use a tool for rides, money etc. A typical tool will say stupid jokes and lame pick up lines to try to fit in
Tool: "Did it Hurt?"
Girl: "Did it hurt when?"
Tool: "When you fell from heaven?"
Girl: "What a tool..."
by Carnage96 February 18, 2011
An off-duty Law Enforcement officer who carries a handgun while in The Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World.
I can't believe that tool brought his gun to Disney World.
by Finster Baby October 23, 2010
1: Someone who is used for another's purpose
2:A cocky asshole who doesn't realize how much of a dick he/she is. Tools tend to over gel their hair (it looks like they just snapped into a slim jim), where overly tight polo shirts/oxfords, and over-tan until they are as orange as an oompa loompa. The males of the tool species also tend to go to the gym just so they can talk about going to the gym. The opposite of a tool is a douche bag.
1: Tsk, tsk, it looks like becky found a new tool for herself.
2: holy shit! that oompa loompa musta just snapped into a slim jim! oh wait, its just one of those tools from the jersey shore.
by El Douche bag-o February 22, 2010
ryan seacrest
"did you watch american idol last night?"
"why would I ever watch that show? everyone on it is a tool. especially ryan seacrest"
by teddybeast January 19, 2010
A tool is someone less than a douche who listens to nickelback and wears ed hardy or polo.
Jack is a shitty manager and a tool.
by Papa Ryo June 19, 2009
A complete idiot who gets used by their slutty trashy girlfriend because hes pretending that they are in love and doesnt know enough to realize the truth.
Zack:Wow hogan is such a tool he falls for any slutty dirtbag chick there is
Mack:Ya and hes too dumb too realize hes being used
Zack:The worst part is he thinks she loves him
Mack:What a tool!
by Zack-yours truly February 17, 2008
a guy who looks acts and dresses like the typical douchebag trying to fit in. usually there is a certain style that all the guys try to wear to have that look. they are usually unwanted because of their comments and actions that make you dislike them and wish they were not there.
Bob is such a tool with his mid calf black socks and vintage no snapback cap going on about that party last night.
by BOOOOBIES July 17, 2012