A tool, is a person that lives life in a way that only a new social status can properly portray. A tool is someone who has a fairly small knowledge of automobiles, but drives a early 80's to late 90's muscle car. Typically a tool will drive a camaro, or mustang. Although a tool has no real automotive knowledge they know ceartain terms such as "headers" or "manifold" and will uniquely craft sentences around these terms to create the appearence of a deep knowledge of engine performance.

Along with this a tool has one main goal in life, and that is to get laid. A tool could be considered in the same class as a bro, as far as this catagory is considered. When at a party a tool must in fact, be unwanted by everyone else at the party, even those who would call him a friend. A Tool will almost never wear long sleeves, and if he does, they are to be rolled up, so that his fore-arm muscles are well exposed. A tool's arms are a very important part of his identity, if A tool were to have no arms, he would cease to be a tool, and would most likely cease to exist altogether. Because of this driving passion to have massive arms, a tool will most likely spend a good amount of time in the gym, Once a solid gym status is accomplished, A tool will not only come to the gym to work out, but also just to "chill" or check out the women on the treadmills.

Another aspect of a tool, is there incredible ability to attract marry-able women. Marry-able would be a characteristic of a girl who is Quite beautiful, intelligient at first glance, and almost-christian(An actually intelligent, Christian girl would never date a tool, because that would instantly deny them access to both the aforementioned adjectives). Although no one has been able to fully understand this phenomena it is a very important role for a tool to fulfill. When someone says, "in college, she will either date.. so and so, Or she will date a complete Tool." This is all right and good, It is important for girls to fulfill this cliche. This is one of the biggest reasons that 90% of the Male population hates Tools. Women rarely see Tools as in fact Tools, but common descriptive phrases are, but not limited to: "He's really nice when he wants to be", "He's actually really cool when you get to know him", "He gets along great with my mom."
"Wow, that guy is a complete Tool."

"Did you see that Tool on the motorcycle?"

"Wow, look at that Tool, and his mustang."

by davelive April 29, 2009
A complete idiot who gets used by their slutty trashy girlfriend because hes pretending that they are in love and doesnt know enough to realize the truth.
Zack:Wow hogan is such a tool he falls for any slutty dirtbag chick there is
Mack:Ya and hes too dumb too realize hes being used
Zack:The worst part is he thinks she loves him
Mack:What a tool!
by Zack-yours truly February 17, 2008
a guy who looks acts and dresses like the typical douchebag trying to fit in. usually there is a certain style that all the guys try to wear to have that look. they are usually unwanted because of their comments and actions that make you dislike them and wish they were not there.
Bob is such a tool with his mid calf black socks and vintage no snapback cap going on about that party last night.
by BOOOOBIES July 17, 2012
A poorly defined criticism of another, usually involving projection of one's own insecurities onto that person.

No one actually makes fun of someone because they really are too stupid to know they are being used. This vague usage usually involves the user being jealous of social interaction that is initially caused by someone needing help. Sometimes the "tool" is just happy to help and fully capable of getting anything they want in return, and other times the "tool" may want more but is still getting enough out of it to make the relationship mutually beneficial and incite jealousy.

When used to refer to someone who is "trying too hard" it usually means that the person has a strong influence on social situations in a way that causes jealousy or anger. Again someone who just actually can't think of anything funny to say or just blends in the background isn't likely to be a target.

You might argue that the "tool" may be doing something inappropriate if everyone is mad at the person, but as a general rule intelligent people do not participate in awkward silences when they believe they can offer constructive criticism about someone's behavior.
Gamma 1: God Alpha is such a tool. Doesn't he know Alpha female is just using him for his ride?
Gamma 2: Yeah seriously! Hey shouldn't they be back by now?

Beta M: Hey, I'm just glad I could help. Besides it gives us a chance to get to know each other.
Beta F: Sounds good to me! I caught a ride from those sketchball gammas but they kept acting like I owed them something for it.

After Alpha plus leaves the room....

Beta Minus: God, Alpha is such a tool. Doesn't he know no-one cares about socio-economic theory and how it relates to every day life?
Beta Plus: Sorry what? I was lost in deep profound thought.
by citizenxo January 25, 2011
Someone whose self esteem is so low that they feel the need to post half naked photos of themselves as their default pics on social networking websites in order to get people to look at them.
I thought he was weird until I saw his facebook....he actually took a half naked pic of himself and used it as his profile. Now I just think he's a TOOL!!!
by tool slapper September 01, 2010
someone who is so self obsorbed and cant come to the realization that they are completely in the wrong. This persons actions are so rediculous that you cant even believe the things they do.

in other words this person pulls many dick move , and thinks that everyone likes them when really not many people do.
Sean Avery is such a tool
(see youtube videos of him and his outrageous acts)
by hockey5 June 06, 2010
A person (typically male) from the state of California who thinks that anything and everything that they do is far better than what anyone else does. Said person sleeps with many, many women and lies about it in order to make them appear to be a gentlemen and of course to keep the fear of contracting an STD to a minimum. This person usually has homosexual tendencies, but is too macho to admit to it. This said person has an ego that is much bigger than the rest of him and usually inspires an eye-roll from a crowd every time he enters a room. Not one for intelligence, this person is usually challenged when it comes to any task involving brain power. These people usually end up in a trailer park with four ex wives and 12 children.
"Oh em gee! Rob is such a tool! Let's throw rocks at him!"
by The Navy's Finest January 21, 2010

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