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When someone is touch typing or typing faster than they usually would and mis-type the word "you"
so wot are ypu up to?
by zako1212 July 13, 2006
Gangs of Spanish Llamas that feed on spent bullet casings, empty 40's (usually of OE), and MD 20/20 in the early morning to rid the ghettos of trash.
The ypus must have been out in force last nite, this ghetto looks golden.


You gonna feed the ypus tonight?
by Bonnie and Brett February 22, 2005
Misspelled YUP, when someone wants to say yes and misspells the yup word it comes out as ypu.
Are we going to the movies later?

YPU, where's going to see SHREK.
by blacktone June 04, 2010
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