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A very deep person who can appear shallow or careless on the exterior, and exposes to only his/her closest friends who he/she truly is.
I had no idea you were so caring, you're a real Jerad.
by "Kit" Kat Lewtras February 03, 2009
the awsomest guy ever. Hes greater then Chuck Norris. He has a really big afro. A really big penis and has magical fingers that will give u multiple orgasms and eyes just by looking at them give u multiple orgasms. The Blackest Gheutoest person ull ever meet. Hes a fun guy who wont go to far if u dont want to but will go the distance for hours at a time. Can get back on the saddle in only minutes.
Jerad- The guy that took ur girl friend and everyone elses.
by Black Man Fro August 02, 2010
Having or getting of an erection, or wet vagina, as being sexually aroused.
Person 1: Did you see that girl's ass?
Person 2: Dude I just got Jera'd.
by WhoDaresWins February 01, 2010
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