Tolerance, in the political and social sense, involves two components: 1. Finding others' beliefs or behavior wrong or, in some substantive way, highly objectionable. This fundamental disagreement must be present on issues that really matter, not on issues that are minor or trivial. 2. In the face of this intense disagreement, one refrains from resolving differences by violence or the threat of violence.

Tolerance is NOT a matter of pluralism or multi-culturalism. In order to be tolerant, one does not accept or find others' actions or attitudes a matter of indifference. Rather, a necessary condition for tolerance is rejection of others' beliefs and way of life.

The upshot of tolerance is fighting a continual civil war with those whom one disagrees with in non-violent ways. A society characterized by tolerance will be full of constant confrontation and conflict without threats or violence. As commentator Jonathan Schwartz has argued, tolerance involves challenging the beliefs that others accept without question including issues surrounding sexuality, religion, and race.

Tolerance also is closely related to free speech. Free speech is primarily designed to promote free discussion of controversial questions in politics, religion, and morality. Therefore, speech codes and Politically Correct sensibilities advanced by the left are restrictions on free speech and are forms of intolerance.
I think everything you say and believe is immoral and disgusting. I shall try to eradicate your beliefs from the face of the earth. But, I shall express my disagreement only verbally and refrain from violence to suppress your point of view. Therefore, I am demonstrating tolerance.
by Tex in Tex February 07, 2008
Top Definition
Tolerance is the quality of requiring a larger dose of a certain drug every time to reach the same effects. For example, if you need 2-5 hits to get stoned at first, if you smoke regularly and at close intervals (every day or every other day) you will start requiring more hits to get the same high.
Seriously, everyone here wrote the definition for tolerance which means "patience with and acceptance of other people's beliefs" and not one wrote the drug definition; wierd since most of the definitions on this website are sex or drug related.
by PGB November 15, 2005
Something the liberals strive for as long as it's not for conservatives, especially white male Christian conservatives. One of the big double standards for the left.
These liberals try to preach tolerance for everything, but when a conservative complains about any liberal's beliefs, they go hostile on him! In a word, hypocrisy.
by Alex September 04, 2003
1) Tolerance (active): The idea that one should attempt to overcome a belief, prejudice or hatred that they hold.
2) Tolerance (passive): The process by which one gradually become less and less bothered by another belief, prejudice or hatred due to continued exposure.
3) Tolerance (liberal): What the majority should have towards minorities, but not vice versa
1) "Bigots" lack tolerance or appreciation of our people, which makes them despicable
2) Bigots would have more tolerance if they just hung around more of our people
3) Those damn, horrible hateful bigots should all be shot dead by us tolerant, peace-loving non-bigots... um, as a service to society, of course.
by FigurinOutLife September 22, 2005
Originally a beautiful thing but it has been perversely cheapened by the intolerant left.
The left needs to learn tolerance instead of using the word to brainwash and mold everyone into accepting their intolerant way of thinking.Liberals tried to 'force' tolerance which isn't a very tolerant thing to do.
by freedom doesn't exist December 22, 2005
1. In engineering, the margin of error of a particular structure or process.

2. In medicine and pharmacology, the situation in which an individual requires larger and larger doses of a drug in order to get the same physical or mental effects.

3. In sociology and politics, the act of treating others as equals, despite the fact that those others do not share your beliefs or differ in how they live their lives.
1. The engineer had be careful in designing the oil refining process, because he had to work within very tight tolerances.

2. It is possible for a patient to build tolerance to antidepressants, painkillers, and other drugs, requiring a prescription for a larger dose.

3. Tolerance means that I must not resort to violence or slander against a person with whom I disagree. It does not mean that I have to support or agree with your beliefs, regardless of what the radical left has to say about it.
by J-Rad March 02, 2008
The highest virtue of those who have no deep convictions. It formerly was the respectful exchange of ideas between two parties in spite of significant disagreement on the topic.

It has now been distorted by liberals to demand agreement with, condoning of and enabling of a point of view regardless of the other party's beliefs and convictions. One demanding this brand of tolerance offers no respect to the other party, does not offer either type of tolerance and often viciously goes on the attack with labels.
You can't say homosexuality is wrong!! That's not showing tolerance! You're just a hateful bigot!
by G*spot September 02, 2010
(in relation to alcohol consumption): the ability to hide how intoxicated you've become
That regular over there has a high tolerance, he could be way over the legal limit but you could never tell.
by Craig Secor January 15, 2006

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