A person who makes a stupid mistake and is then branded with a name related to this mistake to forever rub their stupidity in their face.
A person who tries to change $20 into change but instead puts their money in a token machine and receives $20 worth of useless tokens would be branded "Token."
by Gauntlet17 July 22, 2012
Top Definition
black guy put in a movie in order to please the black community and give of the imporession of racial acceptance
by labatt June 29, 2003
A minority that was deliberately put on a show or movie for the sake of being culturally diverse. They get few lines so less mistakes are made and few to no flaws. Tokens are written for specially because everyone knows people who look different MUST act different.
We get this predictable bullshit all because of those few assholes who keep a phone next to the TV when they watch it and have their lawyer on speed-dial.
by Golden Duck Paperweight January 01, 2005
A guy on South Park. His name is Token because he's the token black guy.
Token, right here buddy. *bird flippage*
by shill May 22, 2004
The racially diverse individual us. in a horror movie. Distinguishable by his stereotypical behavior, and by the fact that he will always be killed first.
by OniLink5000 October 24, 2003
A (usually black) person in a television programme who is there simply to please people of his or her particular ethnicity.
The family who have just moved into Wisteria Lane in 'Desperate Housewives' are token black people introduced by the makers to avoid complaints from people that they are (rightfully) representing upper class Americans as white.
by jc376 July 18, 2005
A small, flat, round piece of metal or plastic that can sometimes be used instead of money.
"Mom, I need more fucking tokens, buy me more."
"Go fuck yourself, Billy, you were an accident."
by good man jesus January 16, 2016
A sexy lone black guy in a group of white people soldiering on on his own representing his skin. He often recieves various remarks and comments about this but he simply thinks fuck em because his penis is extremely large and bigger then everyone else. A good example is Taylor Morrison found at Essex University
White Guy: Hey buddy! Ur the only black guy in this club haha!
Token Black Guy: Dont make me stab you
by TokenBlackGuy23 July 06, 2012
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