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(v.) To fall on your nuts while on a slippery surface and then slide across the surface while still positioned on your nuts.
(Winter Olympics male figure skating event)

Announcer: ...and there goes Mark with his signature mooove... *jump* *slip* *THUD* *slide* *WHAM* Owww! My goodness! Not only did he fell, he landed on his organs of manhood and then skeeballed across the ice and straight into the wall! Now that really has got to hurt! Well, there goes Mark's third chance to go for gold along with his ability to reproduce!

Mark H. Proud UrbanDictionary Slang Author since February 2004.
by Mark H August 29, 2006
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Skee Ball, also referred to as Ski Balling, occurs when after masturbating, a Male accidentally ejaculates onto himself in a notable way. This is reminiscent of the popular arcade game skee ball. For instance, the Belly Button may be like the center rings that are fairly easy to hit. Whereas the eyes or mouth are thought of like the seemingly unobtainable high corner pockets.
Dude, I Skee Balled myself so bad last night. I still can't open my eye.
by Kevin Sarzo September 21, 2010
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Possibly the best ticket dispensing arcade game ever. It consists of rolling an either wooden or plastic ball up a ramp into a series of holes shaped like a target. The purpose of the game is to rack up points by hitting high pointage holes. The center and the two outer holes have the highest pointage.
Dude. My friend gave me a ton of tokens to the arcade so I spent them all playing skee ball. I got so many tickets I got that tv that everyone always tries to get behind the counter.
by zeeky August 13, 2006
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(verb) Can also be used as skee ballin' or skee balled. It is a sexual term describing the act of a male rubbing his testicles up the torso of his partner, starting at the naval, before placing them in her (or his) mouth. The name is derived from the game skee ball, often seen at carnivals, where one rolls a ball up a ramp with the ultimate goal of said ball landing in one of the high point goals at the peak of the ramp.
My girlfriend loves to be skee balled before she licks my balls.
by xvalveeta July 03, 2010
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"Skee-Ball" is a system in which places sexual activites on each level, which as the levels get higher the activities get increasingly more naughty.
Level 1 - Hugging, Holding hands, Peck kissing
Level 2 - Slightly intense kissing, minimal hand-to-body contact, laying with each other
Level 3 - Intense making out, feeling everywhere on the body, slight nakedness, slight fingering
Level 4 - Blow jobs, Hand jobs, eating out the girl, total fingering, sex-teasing
Level 5 - Have sex with the other person.. Also known as 'game over..'
Blow jobs, Hand jobs, sex Skee-Ball
by Jbaby10 October 13, 2011
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nasty scumbag girl; huge slut
don't worry, there will be plenty of skeeballs at the party
by St ev e January 01, 2006
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