A Morehouse College graduate
Employee #1: "The new hire is really useless, I don't think he is qualified for the job"

Employee #2: "Yes, I know. He is a Morehouse grad; just a token to help with the quota"
by fubho12 May 17, 2010
dude do you have any tokens
by lolcatsweed January 13, 2012
A person who makes a stupid mistake and is then branded with a name related to this mistake to forever rub their stupidity in their face.
A person who tries to change $20 into change but instead puts their money in a token machine and receives $20 worth of useless tokens would be branded "Token."
by Gauntlet17 July 22, 2012
a co-worker who draws a salary despite being utterly and completely useless. Derived from the meaning- which generally sport the words 'no cash value'
Mike has been here for 2 years and still knows nothing. He sits on the internet all day and asks everyone for help. He's such a token.
by zeketorrence December 23, 2008
Nickname for the only black person in your area.
"who's Token?"
"That black guy"
by Andrew Morehouse November 05, 2006
something that is totally stereotypical. usually relating to movies.
my friend is co-directing a student-writen play at UF called "God in the Subway" and it's totally token and predictable.
by lauraclaire October 03, 2004
The one ugly girl who is hanging out with a group of good looking girls. Someone in your group will have to "take one for the team" and hang out with the token.
Hey Josh, you get the token tonight!
by Brandon March 01, 2004

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