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One day a little boy called toasty mctoastability was walking down the street when he saw a naked man peeing in an old woman mouth, he then decided enough was enough and in using his toast powers decided to burn both of their faces then butter them with "I can't believe its not Butter" spread in doing so this made them act like normal people instead of acting like complete twats.....THE END!!!!
An orange talking to an apricot about the economy of today then deciding to kill one another with a banana.

Morale of this story is, dont act that a twat, EAT TOAST!!!

by Jimnebob June 28, 2006
9 28
The ear-piercing warble of Dan Forden from Mortal Kombat, haunting your nightmares, as once again, your friend beats you senseless and shouts along with aforesaid Forden, so you get a deathly harmony of "Toasty!" whilst you silently cry onto your SNES controller. nobody knows why he says "toasty", but it has haunted a generation.
Dan Forden:"Toasty!"
You:"no, why? oh the horror! wah! wah!"
by DRAGON FORCE January 17, 2006
300 75
a term used to describe one's intoxication level when it has reached such a level that would necessitate verbalizing it.
In between buzzed and drunk.
"Hmm, this jungle juice is getting me a little toasty."
by eson December 16, 2003
191 103
Word trilled by Dan Forden in at certain times in the Mortal Kombat series of video games. How this is triggered depends on the particular game.
by De Nhoj September 29, 2003
129 53
warm, hot, a term to describe heat
woah it's really toasty outside
by Lel July 07, 2005
80 48
Describing a low to mild level of intoxication, induced usually by drugs such as marijuana. Opposite of buzzed by use of drugs, not alcohol.
"Are you high yet?"
"Not really, just a bit toasty."
by +Skep'tiKaL- March 20, 2007
83 67
Adjective A stage of being high (stoned). Right after being "high" and right before being "stoned".
"this blunt got me pretty toasty."
by DudeBug420 April 14, 2009
47 34
A term popularized by the Mortal Kombat easter egg, generally used to mean awesome or cool.
Dude did you hear that new song it's pretty TOASTY!
by NarwalNukes1234 February 28, 2013
5 2