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Undercover police officers. (low profile police)
"those low pro po's swear we cant spot them in crown vics with no plates and a searchlight."
by eson December 16, 2003
To seal off a room or vehicle so no smoke escapes while enjoying marklar. Not neccessarily the state of the room once it is filled with said smoke. Once smoke has filled the space it is simply said to be "smokey in here"
"Wanna hotbox?" *rolls up window*
by eson December 16, 2003
a term used to describe one's intoxication level when it has reached such a level that would necessitate verbalizing it.
In between buzzed and drunk.
"Hmm, this jungle juice is getting me a little toasty."
by eson December 16, 2003
for sure, most definitely, hell yeah.
"hey servando wanna marklar?"
"fer sure"
by eson December 16, 2003
most comfortable shoes on earth
dude my etnies are super comfortable, as i said in the definition!
by eson December 16, 2003
to fill a bong's chamber completely with smoke while the bowl still has a ways to burn before snapping it. A true feat if smoking froma multiple chamber bong.
dude jordan whitewalled the double-chamber! his ass is gonna choke fer sure
by eson December 16, 2003
1. a quick way to let a friend know if police are in the area, so he doesn't take a hit or empty the pipe out the window.

2. a great way to scare the shit out of a friend whos hitting the pipe in plain view or looking at a nug above the door/window boundary.

Whether the sayer of this warning is serious or not as to the presence of police is determined by how many times the phrase is said.

1. If said only once at reasonable volume, there are really police and u should check yourself.

2. If said multiple times at high volumes, chances are we're just messing around. (See example)
1. Real: "cops, chill" ("yo, po-po...")

2. Joking: "oh SHIT COPS CHILL, DUDE CHILL, COPS.. shit dude... cops chill."

*friend shits pants and hides everything under the seat*
by eson December 16, 2003

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