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cunt spelt and prenounced backwards. used by butchers to confuse costomers
oi jeff you tnuc buy some ham
by Fez Kennadv March 24, 2003
The easy and most delicate way to pronounce someone else to be a Cunt. This word doesn't sound nearly as harsh and is far more easy on the ears.

Created on the Great 'Daves' Barbeque of 2001.
You are a Tnuc.

Oh thankyou! (Walk Away)

Time to laugh guys!!
by Mpj 007 May 08, 2003
Pronunciation: tunuk
Function: noun

TNUC is a super secret term for cunt. A TNUC is usually really annoying women. Most bitches fall in this category.
Can you believe that tnuc?
I certainly can. She is always slutting.
by Neil Mik May 21, 2009
Fifth track on Grand Funk Railroad's first album "On Time"
(1969), but with periods after each letter (T.N.U.C.)
Did you listen to TNUC yet?
by librsh November 17, 2006
If you call someone a tnuc, you are calling them a backward cunt. In other words, they are not only a cunt but retarded as well
Jesus he's a tnuc
Look at that tnuc over there
by Harry Gumboot December 12, 2008
another way to call someone a cunt
My boss is a huge t nuc
by msbradshaw October 16, 2006
Pronounced Tea-Nuck. A euphemism for the word cunt (read backwards).
You vile, festering Tnuc.
by AaronL May 26, 2006

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