4 definitions by blyss877

t-n-u-c: 'Thinking Normal Understand Cannot'
**see also: tnuc-ly, cunt, cuntly, etc...**
"That tnuc was acting quite tnuc-ly!"

"That cunt was acting quite cuntly!"
by blyss877 January 07, 2010
LDHS: 'Little Dick-Head Syndrome' (... it's like ADD/ADHD)
**see also: LDHS, tnuc, tnuc-ly, etc...**
"Bob suffered from a severe case of LDS?LDHS!"
by blyss877 January 07, 2010
LDS stands for 'Little Dick Syndrome'
**see also: LDHS**
...He's not an ASS, he suffers from LDS.
by blyss877 January 07, 2010
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