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Behaving in a manner befitting a cunt; bitchy to the max.
Man, your sister was being mad cuntly the other day...I wouldn't touch that bitch with a thirty-foot cattle prod.
by Urban Dictionary April 14, 2005
Looking wonderfully fly, especially when one feels they are looking good. Although "cunt" is the bottom barrel of class, adding the "ly" elevates the words class to stellar ratings.
"Girl, you are looking mad cuntly."
by Boston Art Student September 04, 2011
adj. of or pertaing to the shape of a cunt: or acticg as if your are menstrol
Andrew: i cant go to the movies cause i am grounde
Christian: just sneak out.
Andrew: i cant cause i am a good boy and i have cramps
Christian: god andrew your are so cuntly
by Christian Sparrow January 14, 2007
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