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This term was originally coined the day after the burning of Barbara Que, then thought to be a Witch, in 1700's New Jersey. Barbara had been seen counting mice one day, which is pretty weird, her trial was swift. After her burning, the local flute maker wanted to have a pig roast, and when describing the size fire he would need to cook the pig, he referenced the flame size that consumed Ms. Que. After saying her name a few times in reference to the pig roast, the words began to run together and became synonymous with grilling outdoors.
"I need a Barbara Que sized fire to roast this pig" "You need a Barbaraque sized fire?" "Ya! A Barbeque sized fire, like that mice countin witch we burned!"
by Rijiboo June 13, 2013
1. When one slaps thier own meat on someones grill.Hence the name, they now become the Barbeque.
1. I asked your mom if she was going to the Barbeque and she said " what barbeque" and I said " the one where I slap my meat on your grill.
by AROND June 21, 2007
The act of placing gasoline on a motor vehicle with incriminating evidence of a crime that was commited by yourself inside and lighting it on fire
Yo bitch! We gots to barbeque this ride les the po-lice be finding all of all our stash.
by Shinobo and Dark Rage May 28, 2003
euphemysm for cybersex, commonly used when trying to not confront the subject directly
Like, do you and Lisa still... barbeque ?
by Nickolas1999 February 27, 2007
Propane fueled cooking device, also used for cremating infants and small animals.
I used a barbeque to dispose of my dead cat, because i did not want to burry it.
by Brewski. August 13, 2009
when after sex the body temeratures are so high that a piece of shit can bake right on the woman's chest
why go to yo parents barbeque when we be havin one right heah bizach
by The Shalom Shankster April 03, 2003
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