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the act of placing a penis in between two "titties" and making a humping motion.
the last time I saw a set of breasts that nice I had to tittyfuck them
by tittyfuckers February 18, 2003
122 23
Moving the penis in between the two boobs.
David especially likes to titty fuck after Jenny's implants.
by Jenny Ditz October 08, 2003
597 107
ramming one's penis rapidly in between a set of gigantic tits
That fucking whore needs a real good titty fucking
by jay April 29, 2003
390 185
When a man puts his dick between a woman's breasts and thrusts until ejaculation. Usually results in a pearl necklance.
By titty fucking, I just gave my girlfriend a pearl necklace.
by PokeHomsar February 25, 2007
280 124
Thrusting a throbbing hard cock into to some humongous boomers.
Bryan is titty fucking her while drinking a beer, playing the guitar ,and playing Halo at the same time.
by UGA Dawg March 09, 2006
224 160
fucking a girl with your dick between her tits
crystal-"damnnn did you see that titty fucking episode last night"
will-"no, i was busy with my mom"
crystal-"eh? excuse me?"
~cryatal slowly backs away~
by Joey White April 10, 2008
107 95
A commonly performed sexual act involving a man gently placing his penis in between a women's breasts, usually resulting in ejactulation on said womens chin.
No, we didn't go all the way, but that bitch and I were titty-fucking all night long.
by adam "magic" johnson June 15, 2008
22 18