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when a penile is masturbated between two titties in an act of simulating intercourse, hence the "-bang."
"I'd tittybang her until her implants burst."
by Marjorie Flores from Ishcombobbido November 29, 2007
To insert the penis between the breasts of a women. The women they can then add pleasure by using her hands to press/rub against her breasts (starting slow, and then adding speed) to release sperm from the man's penis. This is one of the best types of pleasure a man can receive.
That boy tittybanged me last night and it felt awesome!
by MrRunedog54 June 27, 2010
When I male puts his wee wee in a female's dirty pillows.
Tom: Yo dude, I titty banged some random ho the other day!
Bob: Really? I did too!
Tom: Cool I did 2 weeks ago tho!
Bob: Really man? ME TOO!
by StrangeAnonymousChick12321 April 06, 2014
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