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adj. To be a really large Cockblock.

See "Cockblock"
That girl's friends would always try and convince the boy she likes to date her, but he would always refuse. Instead of being wingmans, they were cockblacks.
by urbanshrimp328 December 13, 2010
Woman who is very skilled at the art of handy jobs.
Aw man, not only is Jessica good at giving brain, but she's also a hand scientist too. Not many woman can do that.
by urbanshrimp328 December 30, 2010

To immediately find a woman's g-spot (see g-spot or g spot) bringing her to climax so hard that there's a chance of death or paralysis.
Girl: So that's how I ended up in the hospital.

Girl's Friend: Wow, he sticks his finger right up there and boom?

Girl: Yeah, it was a one feel swoop.
by urbanshrimp328 January 08, 2011
The act of severing a sleeping Norwegians hand and using it to slap the face of another being.

It is common that the severed is also kept by the perpetrator.
Robert pulled a Norwegian Tittybang on Astrid then used her hand to smack Rachel in the face. He's a woman hitter.
by urbanshrimp328 January 19, 2011

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