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When a man puts his penis between a womens breasts usually on a larger breasted women, at least C cup jugs are kind of required, and thrusts while the woman, or the man could, pushes the two breasts together so the penis is pressured between the two. The women could bebent over a bed she could sit down and he could sit on his knees. Tittie fucking has to result in cumming or its just foreplay. This should result in a pearl necklace a wonderful gift. Im pretty poor so i gave my friend a pearl necklace for christmas
She let him stick his little soldier into those huge fluffy clouds it got lost in there and cuddled up and fell asleep then he gave her a beautiful pearl necklace in exchange for the enjoyable tittie fucking everyone on the street stared at her and a lot of people wanted to talk to her
by temujinKhan January 23, 2006
when a man squeezes a womans tits together forming an oraface for him to fuck (also see money shot)
she was on the rag so i tittie fucked her
by joce November 08, 2002
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