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In the state of being anally plowed by a man wearing a holloween costume.
He claimed that he was tited. I crapped on his stomach
by crackaplz May 19, 2003
6 15
Fililpino word for penis/cock
My tite is big like an anaconda
by G.E July 29, 2004
269 132
cool, awesome
man that was tite
by Tommy May 02, 2003
274 142
Short for tight. See tight.
That new CD is so tite!
by Kate March 25, 2004
88 49
cool, nice, awasome...
man! this car is tite
by Big-G February 24, 2006
62 29
very cool, usually meening an object, sometimes an event.
person"my new phone is tite".

person"the new cd is tite".

person1"omgthis guy asked me to the movies." person2"tite!"
by cOnFuSeDwReCk... February 25, 2006
44 30
angry, upset, the kind of upset when u cant even say anythingafter u get upset
person 1:"hell yea i just got a new fone"
person 2:"oh word? lemme cop dat"
*fone drops and breaks*
P2:"Oh... U TITE!"
by wishywaswashurr May 12, 2010
16 11
A chick who has a really tight pussy. AKA the type of girl you don't want to hang out with when you want some high-quality tang
Dude, let's go get some poooosy from these girls.
No way, those chicks are tites.
Fuck tites! Let's go hire a hooker!
by BoB_BiTcHeS May 10, 2006
22 24