very cool, usually meening an object, sometimes an event.
person"my new phone is tite".

person"the new cd is tite".

person1"omgthis guy asked me to the movies." person2"tite!"
by cOnFuSeDwReCk... February 25, 2006
angry, upset, the kind of upset when u cant even say anythingafter u get upset
person 1:"hell yea i just got a new fone"
person 2:"oh word? lemme cop dat"
*fone drops and breaks*
P2:"Oh... U TITE!"
by wishywaswashurr May 12, 2010
Commonly confused with the word "tight". Tite is generally used when talking about the female private area. In most cases being tite is a badge of honor, proving that you don't get around the corner and then some.
Steve: Hey Bill did you see that new girl, she was hella tight.

Bill: Haha ur right, she was tite. (grinning)
by The Master Gregger September 13, 2009
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