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The ultimate in perfection. A beautiful, intelligent, sexy and successful person that you can't help but want to be with all the time.
Shit, I want Rita so bad but she seems to be to good for me.
by Rita January 16, 2005
to describe a person dat is very appealing.
damn he is fine as shit. i definetly want a piece of dat ass. mmmm
by rita December 22, 2003
(n.) an individual constantly attracted to multiple individuals at the same time. The word crush describes the individual's temporary attraction, while the word slut emphasizes the inconsistancy and indecency of the individual's attraction; not necessarily sexual in nature.
Holly has liked 4 different people in the past 2 weeks, and currently has a crush on 3 people. She is such a crush slut.
by Rita August 09, 2004
most commonly heard by mimicking a machine gun yelling "BLLLAATT" and it actually stands for "Blood Land And Territory"

used to scare or show dominance

used by Bloods
guys drivin by yellin "BLAT BLLLAATTT" out the window
by Rita November 01, 2006
taking extacy with viagra (not the greatest idea ever either)
Man, I took some sextacy last night and it was some crazy shit!
by Rita August 05, 2004
definately not an insult for white people, Jiggaboo is a racial slurr against black people. As in, its a DISS to us black ppl.
Copeland is a white guy, Hooks is a black girl, & Hightower is a black guy.

Cadet Chad Copeland: She ran over my feet!
Cadet Laverne Hooks: I'm sorry. I really am.
Cadet Chad Copeland: Sorry? You dumb, fat jigaboo!

**Shit! Hightower is about to kick Copelands ass for saying that to the chick**

Lt. Thaddeus Harris: At ease, Hightower. At ease.
Cadet Laverne Hooks: He didn't mean it. He was joking.

**Hightower flips over the car that Copeland had ran into to hide**

~ Police Academy I (the movie series) 1984
by Rita January 02, 2006
An awesome man, who as well can wear pink and look awesomely great in it, and who is one of the greatest bass players in the world today.
First Person:"Dude, you so play like Hunter Burgan!"
Other person: "Oh wow, I'm so flattered!"
by Rita June 30, 2003

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