The Danish word for pee (urine).
Morgentis plejer at lugte særligt dårligt.
by Pastaklovn August 06, 2008
That is Shit
when someone tells you that they just won a prize

by nitpicking61 January 11, 2012
An amazingly hot guy thats got the sexiest body ever and the nicest Czechoslovakian skin in the world. If you find you one of these you better treat him like he's a king as soon as possible bc you will only have him for a short amount of time because Im coming to steal him back now. ;)
by madimo13 November 10, 2013
a style of kicking with T.I.S. being the acronym for 'This Is Sparta'.

Usually used for when you kick someone/something strongly and similarly to how King Leonidas kicked the Persian messenger in the movie '300'.
Dude 1: Man, Stacy's chihuahua is annoying.

Dude 2: Yeh, I'll give the rat a T.I.S. kick when she isn't looking.

by the girl with the pink shirt July 10, 2008
Acronym for 'This is Shit" - usually to pass judgement on something which has been deemed inferior.
Baby Geniuses starring Kathleen Turner and Christopher Lloyd

by Benncm July 03, 2011
"this is Syrian" meanly referred by people in Syria in internet usage
oh yes TIS
you are right TIS
by dado_eyad July 05, 2010
1. Short for "(it) was", "(it) did", "(it) will" or anything similar, as long as the use of "tis" would make no sense if you replaced it with "It is".
2. Short for "It is". People used to say this in the 1800's but now nobody says it in this sense anymore, unless they are old, somehow socially isolated, or just "different".
1. Yo' momma tis crunk last night.
2. British person #1: Tis' a merry day for tea and biscuits, eh chap?
British person #2: Not really fine man, i have to go be on my jolly way.
British person #1: Alrighty, cheerio!

by crazyfoo08081 November 01, 2006
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