That is Shit
when someone tells you that they just won a prize

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by nitpicking61 January 11, 2012
Top Definition
Tis is a short way for writing "It is"
Tis the best
by MaRk** April 02, 2003
Tis - it's an abbreviation / slang of "it is" or "it's" often used by British people.
Tis a silly place
#tis #it is #it's #it #is
by Lord Cummeth June 11, 2009
The lazy way of writing "it is". Used to be seen as "snobby" but is now more common in modern culture.
"'tis funny" - said Bunny
#it #is #'tis #'twas #tis
by MissB March 05, 2006
A contraction of 'it is.' Used mostly by snobby teenagers or zombies from Elizabethan England.
My, 'tis a lovely day for a stroll, is it not?
#it #is #it's #it is #contraction
by Diggity Monkeez February 14, 2006
Revivial of colloqial Edwardian/Victorian english. Especially abundant in Jane Austen and Bronte novels! A pleasent blend of "it is". Can sometimes sound pompous when used in an incorrect context or when speaking to div's. (see "div" or "divvy")
Pride and Prejudice Character: Oh my! Mr Darcy! T'is such a glorious day...do you not agree?
by psuedogal January 25, 2005
Middle English/Early Modern English contraction of "it is".
Tis a way of speaking no longer used.

Whether tis nobler in the mind to suffer the slings and arrow of outrageous fortune. (A line of the soliloquy from Shakespear's Hamlet)
#'tis #t'is #twas #twill #twould
by Sorwen November 04, 2011
A conjunction used instead of saying it is or it's.
the word was the most popular in the medi-evil era,

commonly in shakespearian play
but is used modernlys as well.
girl-whats your name?
boy- "tis" jeremy
girl- oh how pleasent
#it's #it is #medievil #conjunction #shakespeare
by Aletse April 20, 2010
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