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An awkward sighting or encounter with a former boyfriend or girlfriend.
Jarred was tinked by Joanne at the roller-rink.
by JohnJohnWong February 27, 2010
used to express anger or frustration.
that referee made a bad call, im really tinked at him
by hoppops May 01, 2011
To be high; Wacky; Drunk; Crunk; ect
1. Man, I got so tinked last night.
2. Jared was so tinked, he couldn't stop laughing.
by urbandictionaryguru February 11, 2010
1. A noise glasses make when struck together.
2. A cute little uke.
1. The glasses tinked.
2. Tinked is a person on myspace.
by PseudoMcNympho July 10, 2008
To decorate with tinkerbell paraphernalia.
My wife tinked her ride.
by Sande Ann Morris September 03, 2007