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Cheating on schoolwork, such as copying homework or tests, in a blatant, sly, or devious manner. esp. cheating in a manner similar to Timmy O.
Andrew is timming on the huge chem test.
by J Gabe May 08, 2007
(v) Most commonly used in reference to walking obscene distances when taking public transportation is readily available and extremely inexpensive. Antonym of the verb "to ken", meaning "to take a taxi an obscenely short distance such as one city block."

That guy never takes cabs. Right now he is timming it from the airport all the way downtown. It's going to take him like 5 hours.
by NWebster March 13, 2009
paying a tribute to the greatest person of CMD
official Timday 13.10.11
Did he steal that bus?
Today I timmed & it was awesome
Is timming still a thing?
Sure is!
by Cmd987 October 13, 2011
The occurrence when one's vocal chords fail to flow smoothly, thus, resulting in a crack in one's voice. After the mentioned cracking, almost everyone in the room must respond with some reference to Tim Hayes. I.E. "What was that Tim?"
"I think Mike is going through puberty."

"Tell me about it, he's fucking Timming out of control."
by Schuyler VanBuren December 17, 2007
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