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A girl who is just too bright and happy it make you want to scream. They love to wear bright happy colors, especially pink. They alwas have a polo on even if it's underneath another shirt and the color is always poped up. They love lilly pulitzer skirts and anything else like it. They are often found with big bright ribbons in their hair. They are also probly really rich cause everythi8ng they like is so freaking expensive
err...Example must have at least 20 letters and 3 words
by Chrisy March 08, 2005
"A flash. Meaning to "tempt him".

Used by less than desirables females to get laid. Often done by either flashing the tits or ass or by just dropping the skirt, lifting the leg and thrusting the pelvis forward to reveal the hidden agenda.
Chrisy: I cant't seem to get Bob's attention.
Missy: Girl what's wrong with you?
Tim-Tim you stupid bitch!
He'll come around ballsout.
by chrisy June 24, 2004

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