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The nickname given to the girl inthe room flaunting her chest the most.
"check out Boobs McGee over there"
by August April 07, 2003
n. anyone who may make sport of another for no good reason

n. anyone who does something obviously ill-advised but who think otherwise of the action

n. anyone who deliberatly acts in a manner not befitting of his social status in order to "climb the social ladder"
"Gee, Will, I sure like your dumb-looking hair today."
"Oh really, John Powell, do you not like my hair today? Cool guy, right here (pointing to John Powell)."

"Yeah, so Mr. Davis was like, 'John Powell, you better finish your God-d*mn quiz', so I was like, 'F*** you, Davis! I'm not finishing my God-d*mn quiz!'"
"Oh really, John Powell? Were you like 'f*** you, Davis', is that what you were like? Cool guy, right here (pointing to John Powell)."

"Yeah so I saw Billy hanging out with Scotty D the other day at Drugstore University. What the hell is he thinking; he's such a cool guy."
by August March 23, 2005
getting the shit kicked out of you by a pair of Timberland boots; presumably in a ghetto context
That guy Keef got timmed when he was set up by some guys he was dealin' to.
by August November 13, 2005
Definitely in agreement with
"I'm fa sho wit it. Whatever way you wanna do it we can flow wit it."
by August March 30, 2005
it means SEXY BEAST
yeah baby!!
u are not a monkey popple to me lizzie!!!
by august December 02, 2003
lawlerstalker! in the trees!
Vigilante is such a stalker, did you see him in the trees with those binoculars?
by august April 05, 2005

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