A really funny guy who is also really big. everywhere. He can also be very creepy and is a bit of a Pedophile who is vvvery into 13 year old girls. He is good at fixing things especially your problems and you love him for it. You are really lucky to have a Tim in your life.
Demelza: Tim is so funny

izzie: I agree but he is pretty creepy

Demelza: i know!! remember when he stalked that 13 year old?

izzie: yer. Maybe we shouldn't hang out with him anymore

Tim: mwaahahaha
by Angel1abc September 17, 2013
To be extremely flamboyantly hated, and gay.
"Ahh! my internets being Tim!"
"Damn i hate it when its being Tim"
"If my internet wasn't so Tim i would be winning games and hating Tim"
"Good one Tim"
by chompachompa November 17, 2011
TIM stands for The Incredible Machine, wich is a very old computer game developed by Sierra.
Billy-- "Yo dude, I made a totally pawnz0r track in TIM yesterday!"
Sjonnie-- "What the heck is TIM?!"
Billy-- "It's an old school game in wich you can make your own "machine" with all kinds of chain reactions!"
Sjonnie-- "Mkay"
by Luigi Aran January 20, 2008
Short for Timalloy.
Refers to Celtic fans in a derogtory manner. Tims are generally unwashed and illiterate. They are known to have an inferiority complex and most smell like a mixture of urine and Buckfast tonic wine.

Fact; 70% of all tims are on benefits

See also; Plastic paddy and Mhank.
1. Did you see the tims got pumped off the teddys on saturday?
2. No tims in Europe!
3. Tell all the tims you know that we're top of the league and there no!
4. person 1: Did you hear those tims are kiddly fiddlers?
Person 2: Aye mate. Big Jock knew.
by 51andCounting February 22, 2008
A wannabe everything kinda dude usually with so many zits on his faces, that it could confuse someone as herpes.
Also, an in-the-closet homosexual who lies to friends about all the cheerleaders checking him out, when really, the only female he/it has ever been attracted to is a excruciatingly disgusting Russian female named Olga.
Tim:"Hey, wazzup muh peeps?"
br00tal emo kid:"Just listening to some Suicide Silence"
Tim:"yeah, they're pretty br00tal, I listen to them all the time, well anyway, I'm gonna go cry and cut myself. Because I'm JUST. THAT. BRUTAL."
br00tal emo kid:"Stupid conformist."
by Majewman October 03, 2009
Random guy you meet online that becomes a special friend even though he's living a while away and Momma would NOT approve. Is a hypocrite to his future kids.
"Dallas knows Tim."
by DallasnotTexas April 26, 2013
A guy who falls in love way too easily, even if he doesn't show it. Will wait and wait to make his move until it is too late. While this process is going on he will develop confidence in general even though he hasn't made his move. Sometimes he will even attract other women that he isn't into. Eventually, when he does make his move for the object of his affection it will be too late as the object of his affection has moved on or developed "just friend" feelings for him. He will then try to hide his hurt by road-tripping or getting another tattoo. It will take him forever to get over her. The good news is that when he is over her, they always come back for more, whether it is just to take advantage of his "niceness" or realizing that they made a mistake.
Sophia: "Uh oh, look at how he is looking at her."
Frank: "You know this is going to end up the same way it always does for him. . . I mean he's Tim afterall."
by Real Deal Bro January 10, 2013

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