Drunk on Tilt, a caffeinated berry-flavored malt beverage made by Anheuser-Busch...
It comes in either orange (6.6% alcohol) or green (8.8%). Comparable to the effects of Sparks, or a drink like red bull and vodka.
Studies have shown that caffeine impairs your ability to realize how drunk you are.
I was so tilted, I partied all night!
by tilted August 14, 2007
Top Definition
When you're getting slightly mad at someone/something.
-hey Arteezy, how's your team treating you?
-i'm getting tilted already by this bullshit chen
by tsonkata May 09, 2016
Drunk, buzzed, or faded.
I got a little tilted at the club last night.
by Bob's your uncle September 21, 2006
Angry, perturbed, specifically caused by a video game
That camper is making me so tilted
by Unforgiving-en June 11, 2016
Adj: A feeling of sorrow and regret when something bad happens in a videogame.
Leesin was in our jungle making our master yi tilted after 2 kills.
by TheViolentMagician May 12, 2016
Adj. - the point between tipsy and absolute drunkenness or shit-faced; one can also be tilted by a punch, car, or any other act of violence... How drunk you are goes toward the degree of being tilted... 45degree, 90degree, 180degree, etc.
"I must be tilted about 120degrees because I could barely stand
by O.D. Sanchez December 25, 2009
The meaning describes your creativity, originality, and expressiveness. It's to be imaginative and to have a different out look on the world than everybody else. Always staying humble and remembering where you came from.
That artist is tilted; Stay tilted and never let anybody stop your progression; Its important to stay tilted in life in order to stand out from the rest; Always stay tilted and never forget where you came from; I love a girl that's tilted; Stay tilted; Tilt your life
by aceprimo December 07, 2011
(adj.) crazy, insane
also: tilt (n.) one who is tilted
The mental hospital is full of tilted people, or tilts.
by GOM May 03, 2004
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