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a common chinese last name, is better than any other family in world
The Chen family is populating china
by alex chen December 07, 2005
A hot deceiving troll from the South Korea/Chinese group named EXO created by SM Entertainment.

His real name is Kim JongDae and you can recognize him by his sexy jawline.

His voice will wrap itself around your soul and crush it.
Girl 1: OMG! Chen is so hot! Did you hear that one song he sang?

Girl 2: OMG, OF COURSE! DKFHSDLKFKSD. It killed me

Girl 1: *giggles like a maniac*
by Sprinkles_ December 15, 2013
It's a surname of millions of Chinese surnames
Hey,Look at that chick
She's Chen
Yeah,and she does the best in physics in our school!
by Lisaandlisa August 29, 2007
1. hebrew word meaning beauty
2. a biblical word meaning favor
popular israeli name
1. those eyes are chen
2. his friend gave him a gift and he began to have chen in him
by jessefox August 22, 2008
Individuals who are called to America from China to complete jobs very quickly. Very quiet, hard-working, and smiley people.
Did you see those Chens go? And did you see how smiley they were?
by JohnnyViolent December 20, 2005
A typical chinese name which is also known as a ''Harvester'' or a ''Farmer'', Also it means ''gold'' in some way which together, it becomes Chinese Chen Farmer, Which means a Chinese person that collets gold.
''Hey look at that chinese guy on the tractor, Whatta Chen Farmer''.
by Ling Chen October 03, 2011
the state of being a lazy, tired, retard without a life. Commonly used to describe overly lazy people or horrifyingly retarded people.
"Oh god, I'm so tired, but I'm too lazy to sleep.
"Jeez dude, you're so Chen"
by NewestBreedofPenguin July 29, 2009

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